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The Holy War App

John Bunyan was an Baptist preacher and writer who, while imprisoned as a Nonconformist for preaching the Gospel without a license from the Established Church in England, wrote what is regarded as one of the most significant works of religious English literature.

John Bunyan in 1682 produced this wonderful allegory of Satan's war against man's soul. This book is very insightful about Satan's schemes against mankind, It describes Christ's continual rescue from evil and sin and is told as a story where a person's soul is a town named Mansoul (Man's Soul). Mansoul is inhabited by various characters who are engaged in a fierce war with Satan who is known as "Diabolus". Christ is the Prince of this town named "Emmanuel" who comes to retake the town for His own, for the glory of His Heavenly Father who is known as "the Great King Shaddai" the town of Mansoul's rightful ruler.

The Holy War audio book app for android and Apple tablets and phones is the complete book from a edition published in 1890 and streams the story audio separated by chapter with your Wi-Fi or phone data network access.

  • You can have The Holy War everywhere you travel right on any computer, smartphone or tablet.

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