Northern Ministry of Christ

  1. Official's Son Healed
  2. Rejection in Nazareth
  3. Fishers of Men
  4. Demoniac in Synagogue
  5. Peters Mother-in-law Healed
  6. Christ Preaches in the Synagogues
  7. Christ Heals a Leper
  8. Christ Cures a Paralytic
  9. Christ calls Matthew
  10. Man Healed at Pool
  11. Christ is Lord of the Sabbath
  12. Man's Hand Healed on the Sabbath
  13. Christ Names His 12 Disciples
  14. Christ Heals the Multitude
  15. The Sermon on the Mount
  16. Christ Heals a Centurion's Servant
  17. Christ Rebukes three Cities
  18. Christ Dines with a Pharisee 
  19. Christ Preaches in Simon's Boat
  20. The Parable of the Sower
  21. The Tares and the Wheat
  22. The Parable of the Leaven
  23. The Mustard Seed
  24. The Kingdom of Heaven
  25. Christ Calms the Stormy Sea
  26. Christ Casts Legion Out of Man
  27. Girl is Raised from Death and a Woman Healed
  28. Christ feeds 5000
  29. Christ Walks on Water
  30. Traditions of Men Rebuked
  31. Christ Feeds 4000
  32. A Blind Man is Cured
  33. Christ Predicts His Death
  34. The Transfiguration
  35. Christ Casts Out Dumb Spirit From Boy
  36. A Strong Man Armed
  37. The Coin in the Fishes Mouth
  38. Disciples Argue About Who is Greatest
  39. Parable of the Lost Sheep