His Miracles

  1. Turning Water into Wine
  2. Official's Son Healed
  3. Demoniac in Synagogue 
  4. Peter's Mother-in-law
  5. Miraculous Catch of Fishes
  6. Christ Heals a Leper
  7. Christ Cures a Paralytic 
  8. Healed Man at Pool at Bethesda
  9. Hand Healed on the Sabbath
  10. Heals a Centurion's Servant 
  11. Christ Calms the Raging Sea
  12. Legion is Cast Out of Madman
  13. A Girl is Raised From the Dead and a Woman is Healed
  14. Christ Feeds 5000 Listeners
  15. Christ Walks on Water
  16. Christ Feeds 4000
  17. Blind Man Cured
  18. The Transfiguration
  19. Dumb Spirit Cast out of Boy
  20. The Coin in the Fishes Mouth
  21. Man Blind From Birth Healed
  22. Lazarus Raised from the Dead
  23. Christ Heals the Sick Everywhere He Goes