Thirty Pieces of Silver

by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut

Judas Iscariot, the disciple who had spoken against Mary and her gift, quietly made up his mind to give Jesus over to his enemies. He saw that Jesus would not be such a king as he wished him to be, and he had begun to fear that his stealings were known, or at least suspected. He went secretly to the chief priests and the rulers and said to them:

"What will you pay me if I will give Jesus into your hands?"

They were glad to hear this, and said to him, "We will give you thirty pieces of silver."

This was a little less than twenty dollars in our money, and it was the price paid for a slave. Think of it, for the value of a slave, the Lord of all the earth was sold by one of his own chosen followers!

Judas was sharp in his dealing with the priests. He was afraid that, after he had given Jesus up to them, he might be cheated out of his money. So he said:

"Pay me the money now; and when the right time comes, I will show you how to make Jesus of Nazareth your prisoner."

They gave Judas the thirty pieces of silver; and from that moment Judas was looking for the chance to put Jesus into the hands of his enemies.