Foxe's Book of Martyrs 

Chapter 16

  1. Persecutions in England During the Reign of Queen Mary

  2. The Words and Behavior of the Lady Jane upon the Scaffold

  3. John Rogers, Vicar of St. Sepulchre's, and Reader of St. Paul's, London

  4. The Rev. Lawrence Saunders

  5. The History, Imprisonment, and Examination of Mr. John Hooper, Bishop of Worcester and Gloucester

  6. The Life and Conduct of Dr. Rowland Taylor of Hadley

  7. Martyrdom of William Hunter

  8. Dr. Robert Farrar

  9. Martyrdom of Rawlins White

  10. The Rev. George Marsh

  11. William Flower

  12. The Rev. John Cardmaker and John Warne

  13. John Simpson and John Ardeley

  14. Thomas Haukes, Thomas Watts, and Anne Askew

  15. Rev. John Bradford, and John Leaf, an Apprentice

  16. Rev. John Bland, Rev. John Frankesh, Nicholas Shetterden, and Humphrey Middleton

  17. Dirick Carver and John Launder

  18. John Denley, John Newman, and Patrick Packingham

  19. W. Coker, W. Hooper, H. Laurence, R. Colliar, R. Wright and W. Stere

  20. The Rev. Robert Samuel

  21. Bishop Ridley and Bishop Latimer

  22. Mr. John Philpot

  23. John Lomas, Agnes Snoth, Anne Wright, Joan Sole, and Joan Catmer

  24. Archbishop Cranmer

  25. The Vision of Three Ladders

  26. Hugh Laverick and John Aprice

  27. Preservation of George Crow and His Testament

  28. Executions at Stratford-le-Bow

  29. Rev. Julius Palmer

  30. Sir Richard: "How may that be?"

  31. Joan Waste and Others

  32. Persecutions in the Diocese of Canterbury

  33. Rev. John Hullier

  34. Simon Miller and Elizabeth Cooper

  35. Executions at Colchester

  36. Mrs. Joyce Lewes

  37. Executions at Islington


  39. Mrs. Cicely Ormes

  40. Rev. John Rough

  41. Cuthbert Symson

  42. Thomas Hudson, Thomas Carman, and William Seamen

  43. The Story of Roger Holland

  44. Flagellations by Bonner

  45. Rev. Richard Yeoman

  46. Thomas Benbridge

  47. Mrs. Prest

  48. Richard Sharpe, Thomas Banion, and Thomas Hale

  49. J. Corneford, of Wortham; C. Browne, of Maidstone; J. Herst, of Ashford; Alice Snoth, and Catharine Knight, an Aged Woman

  50. Deliverance of Dr. Sands

  51. Queen Mary's Treatment of Her Sister, the Princess Elizabeth

  52. God's Punishment upon Some of the Persecutors of His People in Mary's Reign