Missionary Beginnings

1800. Carey's first convert baptized.
1804. British and Foreign Bible Society organized.
1805. Henry Martyn sails for India.
1807. Robert Morrison sails for China.
1808. Haystack meeting held near Williams College.
1810. American Board organized.
1811. Wesleyans found Sierra Leone Mission.
1812. First American Board missionaries sail.
1816. American Bible Society organized.
1816. Robert Moffat sails for South Africa.
1818. London Missionary Society enters Madagascar.
1819. Methodist Missionary Society organized.
1819. American Board opens Sandwich Islands Mission.
1819. Judson baptizes first Burmese convert.

Epilogue to the Original Edition

And now to conclude, good Christian readers, this present tractation, not for the lack of matter, but to shorten rather the matter for largeness of the volume. In the meantime the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ work with thee, gentle reader, in all thy studious readings. And when thou hast faith, so employ thyself to read, that by reading thou mayest learn daily to know that which may profit thy soul, may teach thee experience, may arm thee with patience, and instruct thee in all spiritual knowledge more and more, to thy perfect comfort and salvation in Christ Jesus, our Lord, to whom be glory in secula seculorum. Amen.