About Us

We are a non-profit Christian mobile app development ministry started in November of 2012.

After searching through the various app stores we realized there was a definite need for free solid Bible based apps that can be used by those seeking spiritual salvation, wisdom and truth world wide.

Our goal was to design, develop and offer quality Christian mobile apps free to the world that glorified our Heavenly Father and His beloved Son our Master and Saviour Jesus Christ.

"Timeless Texts" was our first mobile app to incorporate streaming audio and a dynamically updated devotional and is offered on the Amazon and Goggle Play app stores.

"The Life of Christ" was our next project that took almost six months of dedicated design and coding and is also offered on Amazon, Google Play and Slideme.

"Holy Chronicles Bible Stories"
 released on January 1, 2014 is a very in-depth app that contains over 90 illustrated Bible Stories from the Old Testament !

These apps are being downloaded and used in over 150 countries !

We then set up
www.ChristianAndroidApps.org to showcase our mobile apps and to offer a small directory of other free Christian apps from like-minded programmers.

Our other Christian website www.WiseBeliever.com is our first and oldest website (over 10 years online).

Wisebeliever.com is a Christian internet directory that has daily devotionals, bible quizes, bible crosswords and the "are you going to heaven?" page with the "cold calling for Christ" witness campaign.

We have many new Christian apps in the development stage designed to spread the word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Enjoy our newest android app:

"The Pilgrim's Progress App"
 The Pilgrim's Progress audio book android app is the complete book and reader that streams the story audio, separated by chapter, with your Wi-Fi or phone data network access.

We hope these christian apps and websites are a blessing to you and enhance your daily spiritual growth.